Thursday, December 31, 2009

How do married men act when attracted to another woman?

How do men act if they are married, but find another woman attractive? Do they flirt with the women they are attracted too?

If they do flirt, what are the specific types of ways they flirt?

Should the flirting be taken as totally innocent?

Are men that are older and married for years still attracted to other women? Would they show their attraction or once they get to a certain age they don't outwardly show they're attraction?How do married men act when attracted to another woman?
The married men I know express their attraction, some try to take it a step further and some don't...just depends. Usually they just come right out and say that they find the girl attractive and then flirt as if they weren't married.How do married men act when attracted to another woman?
Honestly, it all depends on a person-to-person basis. I have male friends that find other women attractive, but don't ever say a thing about it for whatever reason. Maybe they just don't want to open a can of worms. It might be better to just enjoy looking at cute girls, that way they don't even worry about getting caught doing anything.

Others, however, will flirt outwardly. If that means that they get something out of a girl, they'll probably take it. If they're just flirting for the sake of flirting, then they'll go with that as well. Bottom line is that if a guy flirts with a girl, that doesn't necessarily mean that he wants to leave his wife for this girl--it could just be something he does for the thrill.
That's funny, really. I know men at work who are cheating on their wives left and right. And knowing this I can't say anything to these women that I work with because their boss is my boss as well. I've been single for over 7 years. I don't miss dating. I flirt just to be funny, harmless, non sexual attitude. But, alot of men that I have seen will act like teenagers. Yeah, like a group of teenage boys on their first dates. We as men, are always attracted to other women unless we are gay. I'm not gay. I do like looking at women. Women like looking at other men. You mean to tell me you don't look at other men? Come on.
Yes there are other women I find attractive. I'm middle aged and married, not blind or dead.

And no I don't flirt with the women, that would be disrespectful to my wife, my marriage, and the woman that I find attractive.

As for showing the attraction; I'm sure in some way it shows, but it's always been subtle enough that no one notices.
Even when a person is married they can still be attracted to other people. I would never act interested in a married person and flirt. How would you feel if you were the wife and another woman decided to flirt? I don't think flirting by any married person is innocent. A married person should be paying attention to their spouse.
If you marry the RIGHT woman, being older frees you. It's awesome.

My wife hangs out with a LOT of hot younger girls. I find all of them attractive. I can call them babe, cutie, whatever, they know my interests are only for my wife, but I get all the contact and social interaction I need.

So I guess I'm saying, no, you don't flirt, no need to. You are free to be yourself, act like friends (or sometimes, daughters, because they are young enough to be) because there's no pretenses, no hidden agendas.

It helps that we trust each other and my wife is not a psycho control freak b***ch with a Bobbit complex like some of the women I see . . .ooh look, there's one now! LOL
They act like five year old boys who are caught with their pants around their ankles. Unless they're seriously cheating, and then they do anything to avoid being suspect--like being over solicitous. Flirting can be innocent, but can lead to bad things, but yeah. it's ok.

Yep, older men too. All men like to look, but the chances they'll act on it if they never have before are slimmer.
I hope that my husband doesn't show any attraction to any other women, because I will cut his d off. Of course they get attracted, it's ok to look, just don't act on it.
why should it matter? he's a MARRIED MAN, why put yourself in a situation like that. (don't you think he is going to leave his wife for you?) anyway there are alot of ways he can flirt with you.
Married men can look but don't touch .

If any person takes care themselves they will be attracted to the opposite sex.
They flirt a whole lot. And I'm not older, but I'm still attracted to other women, yes.
They masturbate thinking about them and get fantasizes about them. Some flirt some don't it depends..
They'll grab at their wedding ring and quickly toss it in the nearest bin
Three words: Players, dogs, cheats.
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